Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire

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    The Hand of Mordath

    Written by: Anthony Miron
    Directed by: James Miron
    Choreography - Chris Pytlak
    Stage Manager - Keith Fiermonte

    Three years have passed since the Battle of Miyrfall.
    More info TBA

    Miyrfall (Pronounced Meer-Fall)- A Small Village within the kingdom of Cuulayne where the Midsummer Festival is Held.

    The Characters:

    Quinn New Sheriff of Miyrfall, former Mage of the Spirit Order Albert Velez
    Gereth Deputy Sheriff of Miyrfall Kim Edwon
    Lord McGarry Mayor of Miyrfall Matt Harlow
    Lochlann The mayor's nephew Jonathan Wilcox
    Ellis Herald Martin Smith
    Glimmer (LiLi) Warden Melissa Madzek
    Jaxle Goblin Wizard Jeff Bukowski
    Alec Second in command of the Wardens Keith Fiermonte
    Nahrine Mage of the spirit order Kelly Brooke Quick
    Xandriel Representative of the Unseen Dennis Wilson
    Anurast A captain of the Cuulayne guard Em Mazotas
    Ilahn A captain of the Cuulayne guard Amy Leigh Bukowski
    Tag Miyrfall deputy Michael Madzek
    Bink Miyrfall deputy Timothy Bristol

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