Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire

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    The Hand of Mordath

    Written by: Anthony Miron
    Directed by: James Miron
    Choreography - Chris Pytlak
    Stage Manager - Keith Fiermonte

    Welcome to Miyrfall, once a small, sleepy little trading village on the edges of the kingdom of Cuulayne. Sleepy until it was the site of an epic final battle between the legions of the dark warlock Mordath and the united forces of Wardens and the Magi of the Spirit.

    Mordath sought to corrupt the very nature of magic, known as the Weave, with his own foul magicks. Initially manipulating from the shadows, he was forced to act publicly when the Head Warden and the Archmagus of the Spirit Order met in the town of Miyrfall to concoct a plan to bring an end to the dark sorcerer's machinations. Striking swiftly, Mordath felled the Archmagus and summoned a legion of Darklings. Twisted magical abominations meant to destroy all of Miyrfall.

    From the ashes of the fallen Archmagus, A new Archmagus arose,Archmagus Genevieve. Pitting her courage against the dread warlock's corruption, she shattered the source of his power, a magical gauntlet he wore that channeled his dark magicks. The source of his power destroyed, and his legions defeated by the Wardens, Mordath vanished without a trace with only whispers as to his true fate.

    But all has not been well in the time since Mordath's fall. Though he failed to destroy the Weave, his honeyed words have not been forgotten by those who now call themselves his followers. Acolytes seeking the same power of their now gone Dark Lord. They plan to finish what he began in the town of Miyrfall. For three years, these acolytes have kept the combined forces of the Wardens and the Magi almost constantly in a state of war.

    Now the eyes of the Mordath followers have fallen once more on the small village of Miyrfall. The gauntlet, once thought destroyed by the Archmagus, has again taken physical form, and news of its rebirth has spread like a wildfire throughout all of Cuulayne. Already the new Sheriff of Miyrfall has defeated one attempt by Mordath's followers while the Cuulayne council, the Wardens, and the Magi argue over who should take possession of the wretched item. Quinn, a retired Magus himself and current Sheriff of Miyrfal, wonders when the next attempt to steal the Hand of Mordath will come, and whether he will be able to stop it in time...

    The Characters:

    Quinn New Sheriff of Miyrfall, former Mage of the Spirit Order Albert Velez
    Gereth Deputy Sheriff of Miyrfall Kim Edwon
    Lord McGarry Mayor of Miyrfall Matt Harlow
    Lochlann The mayor's nephew Jonathan Wilcox
    Ellis Herald Martin Smith
    Glimmer (LiLi) Warden Melissa Madzek
    Liska Gutierrez (June 20)
    Jaxle Goblin Wizard Jeff Bukowski
    Alec Second in command of the Wardens Keith Fiermonte
    Nahrine Mage of the spirit order Kelly Brooke Quick
    Xandriel Representative of the Unseen Dennis Wilson
    Anurast A captain of the Cuulayne guard Em Mazotas
    Ilahn A captain of the Cuulayne guard Amy Leigh Bukowski
    Tag Miyrfall deputy Michael Madzek
    Bink Miyrfall deputy Timothy Bristol

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